Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take Me

Take my hand and take my heart,
Hold on tight, that we may not part,
The road is long and the night is dark,
My love for you this rhyme did start.

Take me dumb or take me clever,
Though I may entreat you a foolish endeavor,
My heart will be with you forever,
As long as you shall leave me never.

My love for you will bade me fight,
Or walk alone through endless night,
Come what may or come what might,
With you I know my wrongs will right.

If ever you are weak and weary,
My love for you shall find you clearly,
Always remember I love you dearly,
Even if your feelings leave you dreary.

I'll watch over you as you sleep,
I'll be a shoulder when you weep,
A love like yours does not come cheap,
Forever the key to my heart you shall keep.

Please my dear, do not be blue
For all that I have said is true,
A foolish man would know not what to do,
If ever he lost a love like you.

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