Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Me Beneath The Mistletoe

The Christmas winters snow slowly falls,
As Christmas spirit fills the halls,
A fireplace keeps our faces warm,
Outside, passes by a Christmas storm.

The tree is piled up with lights,
It helped me see on many nights,
All the stockings, hanging hazily,
You fall into my arms and lie lazily.

Candy canes, and snowy weather,
Are almost as good as we are together,
Wreaths and candles, add festivity,
In the heart there lies such sensitivity.

Christmas carols, and yultide yells,
Drown out Santa's jingling bells,
Such comfort is so reasuring,
As slowly Christmas Eve comes stirring.

Christmas brings all men together,
Let Christmas snowflakes fall forever,
The hands of time will surely slow,
When we meet beneath the mistletoe.

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