Friday, March 30, 2012


Beautiful girl so full of grace
A Princess that always brings smiles to my face
Thrown into a world of disarray
Torn between two of us, come what may
Sometimes you’re close, sometimes far
Know that I love you, wherever you are
I can’t undo all the damage done
But know that you are always my sun.

There’s many things you’ve yet to learn
Things that you will come to discern
For your very own reasons, and own ideals
Growing up will uncover what your youth conceals
The fact I can’t hide behind the things that went wrong
Or the mistakes that I made with your Mom for so long
But know that I’ve grown into what I must be
You’ll always have a home in the heart inside me.

I still remember the first day you crawled
The first time you said “Daddy”, I’m sure that I bawled
It seems like just yesterday you took your first steps
Its tattooed in my mind, and it never forgets
Your first tooth, first words and first nap in my arms
All of these things have been such god-sent charms
I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do
Then spend the rest of my life being “Daddy” to you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Only In Dreams

In dreams. That's where I find you
Amidst the dusty sands of sleep
Where hearts come out to daydream
Safe from living pain so deep
In blackest night the sun comes out
In the visions of your face
And fills my soul with a happiness
No other could replace

In dreams. That's where I hold you
And taste the sweetness of your skin
I twirl your silky strands of hair
And dive my soul right in
Into the place I always find you
Calling loudly to my heart
United together we'll spend the night
Awakening only to depart

In dreams. That's where I'm with you
Where no one else exists
Where I can pour my love on you
And seize each moment as it hits
For here I am the creator
Of whatever I wish to be
Each night that wish remains the same
It's only you... and me...

In dreams. That's where I smile
My eyes so full of desire
Fluttering heart and shaky hands
For you, whom I so admire
Beneath the moon I kiss you
And gently stroke your cheek
The simplest touches are all it takes
To make my knees go weak

In dreams. That's where I bask
In the radiant light of love
That will always be as bright
As every star that shines above
And though I cannot catch them all
When I'm not sound asleep
In dreams I can take down every one
And lay them at your feet

In dreams, That's where I wait for you
To come and take my hand
To lead me down the path of hope
To help me understand
I pace around until you arrive
Looking for signs of your soul
Longing for you to bring to me
All that will make me whole

In dreams. That's where I comfort you
So you know it will be ok
To clean your wounds and heal you
From the sadness you felt that day
I'm always here to remind you
That you'll always be worth it all
And to let you know my arms will always
Catch you when you fall

In dreams. That's where I hear you
Where your passion speaks to me
Where you can say whats on your mind
And open up to me
Where we can share the moments
That each of us hold so dear
But hurry... soon the sun will rise
And our time will disappear

In dreams. That's where I lose you
Just as the night sky turns to dawn
Alarm clocks ring their death knell
And just like that... you're gone
I awaken and suffer through the day
Without you... my heart does weep
And I count down every hour
Until I get to fall asleep

In dreams. That's where we live
Amidst the dusty sands of sleep
But tonight I want to wash them away
And take the giant leap
To bring you from your sleepiness
And bring you back to life
And make you see that I'm the one
Who wants you as my wife

In dreams I cannot cuddle you
Or kiss your silky lips
In dreams I cannot hold you tight
Or place my hands upon your hips
In dreams I cannot dance with you
Or snuggle with some wine
In dreams I cannot do enough
To make you become mine.

In dreams I cannot hold your hand
Or feel your skin next to mine
In dreams I cannot keep you
Because I always run out of time
In dreams I live as I wish to awake
With you next to me in bed
So baby, please, tonight...
Will you be with me instead?

If the only place you will ever be is in dreams...
How can you expect me to want to wake up...

I love you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meet Me Beneath The Mistletoe

The Christmas winters snow slowly falls,
As Christmas spirit fills the halls,
A fireplace keeps our faces warm,
Outside, passes by a Christmas storm.

The tree is piled up with lights,
It helped me see on many nights,
All the stockings, hanging hazily,
You fall into my arms and lie lazily.

Candy canes, and snowy weather,
Are almost as good as we are together,
Wreaths and candles, add festivity,
In the heart there lies such sensitivity.

Christmas carols, and yultide yells,
Drown out Santa's jingling bells,
Such comfort is so reasuring,
As slowly Christmas Eve comes stirring.

Christmas brings all men together,
Let Christmas snowflakes fall forever,
The hands of time will surely slow,
When we meet beneath the mistletoe.

Without You

Beautiful girl, in a perfect world,
Love and happiness are only illusions,
Lovely girl, so full of beauty,
Hidden behind too many confusions.

Starlight eyes, blue like the ocean,
Silken hair, of many waves,
Gentle hands, of gentle doves,
It's funny how the heart behaves.

Snowy winters, follow colourful falls,
Spring and summer, cleanse winter's sorrow,
When the years are flying by,
Will you love me still tomorrow?

If all things could be forever,
I'd worry not what I would do,
I rather would have loved you never,
Than forever, be without you.

Take Me

Take my hand and take my heart,
Hold on tight, that we may not part,
The road is long and the night is dark,
My love for you this rhyme did start.

Take me dumb or take me clever,
Though I may entreat you a foolish endeavor,
My heart will be with you forever,
As long as you shall leave me never.

My love for you will bade me fight,
Or walk alone through endless night,
Come what may or come what might,
With you I know my wrongs will right.

If ever you are weak and weary,
My love for you shall find you clearly,
Always remember I love you dearly,
Even if your feelings leave you dreary.

I'll watch over you as you sleep,
I'll be a shoulder when you weep,
A love like yours does not come cheap,
Forever the key to my heart you shall keep.

Please my dear, do not be blue
For all that I have said is true,
A foolish man would know not what to do,
If ever he lost a love like you.