Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be With You

Look into the magical skies,
And tell me what is in your eyes,
Turn to me and tell me true,
How much I really mean to you,
The sky holds all too many charms,
Just as I hold you, in my arms,
Watch the night pass overhead,
Upon the horizon dashed with red.

The sun and stars are set in motion,
Our two hearts beat in locomotion,
Clouds of happiness, puffed and white,
Whenever I'm dark, you bring me light,
The sun beats down upon our faces,
We're locked within so many embraces,
All the wishes we made together,
I'll hold you in my arms forever.

The heavens taunt the windy skies,
I see my dreams within your eyes,
In our hearts we both must know,
Our love's too strong to once let go,
So look into the magical skies,
And then into my longing eyes,
And believe me when I tell you true,
I'd give my life to be with you.

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