Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sealed With A Kiss

Walk with me through fields of gold,
Through memories of new and old,
Back through times of golden ages,
Of stories told by mystic sages,
Stories carved forever in time,
Of sadness and sorrow, and cheery rhyme,
Ancient myths of heroes gone,
Don't walk too fast, the road is long.

Stop now at our first reflection,
Upon a sensitive recollection,
Times of sorrow, cry we did,
Ashamed within ourselves, we hid,
The pain we held inside was deep,
Too many times alone we would weep,
World's apart, who would of thought,
That soon our paths would come to cross.

The sun was glowing off your face,
It's beauty dashed of warmth and grace,
I'm swallowed by your lovely presence,
The sparkle in your eye was quite the essence,
Captivated by lustful desire,
In me you set a raging fire,
A spark of love was in the air,
Our love untamed it's beauty there.

Now our love has grown to maturity,
A relationship built upon joy and purity,
A magic touch of deep affection,
Brought to us this recollection,
So come along we'll walk together,
Through the mysteries of forever,
On we walk through loving bliss,
Our love forever...sealed with a kiss.

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