Friday, March 30, 2012


Beautiful girl so full of grace
A Princess that always brings smiles to my face
Thrown into a world of disarray
Torn between two of us, come what may
Sometimes you’re close, sometimes far
Know that I love you, wherever you are
I can’t undo all the damage done
But know that you are always my sun.

There’s many things you’ve yet to learn
Things that you will come to discern
For your very own reasons, and own ideals
Growing up will uncover what your youth conceals
The fact I can’t hide behind the things that went wrong
Or the mistakes that I made with your Mom for so long
But know that I’ve grown into what I must be
You’ll always have a home in the heart inside me.

I still remember the first day you crawled
The first time you said “Daddy”, I’m sure that I bawled
It seems like just yesterday you took your first steps
Its tattooed in my mind, and it never forgets
Your first tooth, first words and first nap in my arms
All of these things have been such god-sent charms
I can’t think of anything else I’d rather do
Then spend the rest of my life being “Daddy” to you.